Today, I’ve released tmjs 0.2.2. tmjs is a Topic Maps engine written in pure JavaScript. It aims to be compliant with the Topic Maps API TMAPI 2.0 and implements the Topic Maps - Data Model TMDM. The changes for this release include:

  • Implemented ScopedIndex and TypeInstanceIndex
  • Removed ‘MemImpl’ from all class names but TopicMapSystemMemImpl (as suggested by Robert Cerny)
  • Implemented check for topic in use in Topic.remove()
  • More unit tests (now 162 tests)
  • Minor fixes for both code and documentation

The next step will be the implementation of the still missing Topic.mergeIn() and TopicMap.mergeIn().

The full distribution include the scripts needed to build the source code is available at The uncompressed JavaScript source including the comments is also available for download at Finally, I’ve uploaded the current API documentation, but keep in mind the the docs are still very incomplete.

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20 March 2010